Funktion One

We have a long working history with and are official dealers for Funktion One, the UK manufacturer of critically acclaimed and world-renowned speaker systems, including the iconic Resolution series and groundbreaking new Evolution Series.

Funktion One has an  undisputed status as the world’s number-one for dance music. When set up by experienced professionals they are also absolutely unequalled in live music applications, with proven results on countless festivals and tours.

PSL holds a wide variety of scalable systems, from the small F series, to Resolution and Evolution touring systems, covering everything from intimate dance clubs to stadium and arena based live shows. Funktion One can be configured and scaled to address the audio requirements from the smallest to the largest events.

Funktion One systems also have excellent directional control, this allows sound to be focused where it’s needed and minimises out-of-venue environmental impact. The speakers are known for their high power output, incredible acoustic efficiency and unparalleled audio quality. This is all owed to the innovative use of horn loading technology.

For further information and to discuss what PSL can do for you, please feel very welcome to contact us.